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Merry Keys-mas!

Location: Key West, FL

I apologize for the delay in posting to the blog, but we have not been able to get internet access. The market has had problems with their internet equipment and thanks to Admiral Sandy, the internet is up and running again. So, we can give you an update on all the fun things we have done since our last post.

O Christmas Wreath…

We decided to decorate Morgan Glory with a Christmas wreath… of the nautical kind. After searching high and low for a life ring to make our Christmas wreath, we found a used one that we could borrow (it would have been $70 to buy a life ring). Admiral Sandy decorated it with white lights and made a big green bow for the nautical Christmas wreath. Now our boat has a little holiday spirit.

Lighted Boat Parade

The Key West Lighted Boat Parade was held in the Historic Seaport harbor, so we had a front row seat (from our boat slip) to see all the lighted boats. The weather was great and the boats were beautiful. Here are pictures of some of the boats:

We also had a front row seat to some excitement: an Island Packet sail boat collided with our dock during the boat parade! The boat had just passed in front of our dock and was turning to pass in front of the judges dock when the shifter cable broke. When the captain realized the boat was about to hit our dock, he tried put the boat into forward and gave it throttle. Because the shifter cable was broken, the boat was stuck in reverse and the boat rammed the dock, just barely missing a power boat.

Fortunately, the inflatable dinghy that was mounted on davits on the back of the boat acted as a bumper and cushioned the collision with the dock. The crew threw a stern line over to tie off the stern of the boat. Captain Jim quickly retrieved a spare line from our boat and threw it to the crew to help them bring the bow into the dock. Unfortunately, the boat didn’t win a prize in the boat parade. But, we gave it a “10” for providing some entertainment and excitement! People were talking about the boat that rammed the dock for days… and we could say we were there!

Balk and Diane Visit Key West

Our friends Balk and Diane that used to live in Key West, returned from Chicago to spend a week at their timeshare. We had lots of fun with them while they were here.  Of course, we spent some time at the Schooner Wharf Bar with them.

We took them out on the boat and saw a rainbow (click on the photo to enlarge):

We also spent some time with them at the Schooner Wharf with some new friends (clockwise): Me, Captain Jim, Randy, Pat, Diane, Jeane, Steve, Balk, Uwa and Eileen.

(l to r):  Captain Jim, Randy, Pat and Diane:

Randy and Pat on the sail boat Homeward Bound:

Steve and Jeane (from Louisiana):

Jeane, Steve Balk and Uwa (from Indiatlantic, FL):

Merry Christmas Cruise with Dream Chaser

Captain Ken and Kathy invited Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim to join them on Dream Chaser for a sunset cruise and dinner. Although I had to stay on the boat, Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim had a great time.

The cool weather didn’t keep the dolphins from getting out and putting on a show for everyone:

Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim on Dream Chaser:

Captain Ken and Kathy on Dream Chaser:

Dream Chaser anchored offshore from the Southernmost point:

The Dream Chaser crew treated Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim to a wonderful evening with a shrimp and conch fritters appetizer. The dinner was an amazing dinner of lobster, steak and Mahi Mahi. If you are ever in Key West, you definitely must plan to spend some time with Dream Chaser Charters, you will really enjoy it: http://www.dreamchasercharters.com/.  Thanks Captain Ken and Kathy for a wonderful and memorable time!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

In addition to the decorated boats, Key West has lots of decorated homes. Our friends, Captain Bob and Captain Fran (from Double Decker) actually won first place for the best lighted home in the Key West! Congratulations Captain Bob… all your hard work paid off!

Captain Bob’s decorations are impressive with animated light scenes that he made: jumping dolphins and a rowing snowman. He also strung lights to say “Merry Keys-mas”!

The Curry Mansion Bed and Breakfast was beautifully lit:

The Cypress House Bed and Breakfast also had beautiful lights and music:

Other lighted homes in Old Town:

When it Rains, It Pours

We have been having great weather for December: 80 degrees during the day and 70 degrees at night. So, when we had some wind and rain come, we really couldn’t complain. However, it was a lot of wind and a lot of rain. It rained so much, there was flooding throughout Key West. The newspapers said that Key West got more rain that they did when Hurricane Wilma came through a few years back. Diane and Balk took these great photos of the rain and flooding.

Boats in the marina:


 Dinner on Homeward Bound

We have really enjoyed spending time with our new friends Randy and Pat on a sail boat named Homeward Bound. They are staying in Key West until mid-January. Captain Jim met them when he was bringing our boat down to Key West and they were going to Key West. Here is a photo Captain Jim took of Homeward Bound under sail on the way to Key West.  Isn't Homeward Bound a beautiful boat?

Randy and Pat are from Pennsylvania. They retired, sold everything and have been cruising for the last two years (we wish we could retire and do that!). Homeward Bound is a beautiful 42 foot sail boat that is designed similar to the sail boat Spray that Joshua Slocum sailed alone around the world from 1895-1898 (46,000 miles). You can read more about their boat and their adventures on their web site: http://www.hbsailing.com/.

One night, Randy and Pat invited us over for a wonderful Italian dinner. They also invited Sharon and Dave from Rhode Island that are visiting Key West on their trawler.

Homeward Bound is so roomy their dining table easily accommodated all 6 of us. Here is a photo of the salon with the dining table set for dinner.  What a beautiful boat!

This is Pat standing in her galley:

Because Randy and Pat love dogs, I was invited to come along. I even got a special treat when they gave me a bone that I really loved chewing on!

While everyone was eating, I decided to make myself at home and take a nap in their bed. Randy and Pat were so nice and said they didn’t mind me being on their bed because their granddogs sleep on the bed when they are visiting.  If you click on the photo, the picture will enlarge and you can see my eyes are closed... I am really loving this huge bed!

Dinner was wonderful and Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim really enjoyed the conversation and learning more about Randy and Pat’s adventures. Next stop for Randy and Pat is Isla Mujeras on their way to Belize.  We wish them a safe and wonderful trip!

Note from Admiral Sandy:  Homeward Bound is a beautiful boat that has a great layout, lots of room, refrigeration and a freezer!  Boy, do I miss refrigeration.  I wish we could retire and go cruising in a beautiful boat like Homeward Bound.  Hopefully, some day!

Christmas Eve Fun

We decided to go to Blue Heaven for a Christmas eve breakfast... and bacon for me! Holly, who works at Blue Heaven has asked me to be their new neighborhood dog.  Apparently, their neighborhood dog would come by every day and they would give him bacon.  Sadly, the neighborhood dog died a few weeks ago and they are missing the visits.  I am definitely interested in the job!  It is quite a long walk from the marina, but I don't mind at all.  I will do anything for bacon!

While I patiently waited for Holly to bring my special treat of bacon, this rooster tried to sneak up on me.

The rooster also wanted to drink my water.

I found this cat lounging on the porch at Blue Heaven. Life is good for the cats at Blue Heaven.

Admiral Sandy took this photo of me in the fountain garden at the entrance to Blue Heaven.

We decided to spend Christmas eve at the Schooner Wharf Bar listening to Michael McCloud. The weather was beautiful: shorts, tank tops and flip flop kind of weather.

Vikky, one of our favorite bartenders at the Schooner Wharf:

Serenity, a Jack Russell, came to the bar decked out in her Santa hat and with one of Santa’s helpers:

Santa’s helper came to see me and let me know that Santa would be coming to visit me tonight!

Christmas in Key West

Christmas day finally arrived and I got to open my presents from Santa! Boy did I have fun ripping open my presents!

Here is a picture of me with all my Christmas presents: a braided bully chew, a santa toy and a bag of treats.  Obviously, I was a good girl this year because Santa was really good to me.  I am so happy, I am smiling.

Later that afternoon, Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim went to Chef Kat’s house for Christmas lunch. I couldn’t go with them because Chef Kat’s dogs don’t know me, so I stayed on the boat. But, Chef Kat was so sweet and sent me a present of treats that I really enjoyed. She also sent some leftover turkey home with Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim… and they shared it with me. Yummmy!  Thanks Chef Kat!
Chef Kat and her daughter Cassie in front of their Christmas tree:

Romeo and Mandy in front of the Christmas tree:

Chef Kat’s Chihuahua Squirt:

The Christmas crew who enjoyed Chef Kat’s wonderful Christmas lunch:  (l to r) Bill, Chef Kat, Cassie, Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim:

When Captain Jim and I returned from our afternoon walk, we had a Christmas visit from Doug, Sassy and Boca. Doug lives near the marina and writes the weekly blog about happenings in Key West: http://www.thisweekontheisland.blogspot.com/. You should check it out, it is always a good read.

As Christmas day was ending, we watched the beautiful sunset and were very thankful for the wonderful Christmas we had.

And I went to bed a tired but happy puppy and dreamed of all the great things Santa brought me.

We hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! And we wish you a happy, healthy and wonderful 2010! Look for our next blog post about our New Year adventures in Key West!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010!

Coconut and Crew

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