Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Holidays from Key West!

Location: Key West, FL

Hi all! Coconut and Crew are at it again! We missed the beautiful warm weather of the Keys, so we decided to return to Key West for the holidays!  

Because of certain obligations in Jacksonville Beach, Admiral Sandy and I stayed back in Jacksonville Beach while Captain Jim took the boat to Key West alone. They call it “single handing” the boat, and it was something that Captain Jim really wanted to try. He had a great trip! I hope he will do a special blog posting with photos from his trip. In the meantime, we are planning to be in Key West for 6 weeks, so I am going to update you about all the great things we are doing and seeing while we enjoy the wonderful weather for the holidays.

Girl Time

Our holiday adventure began when Admiral Sandy and her best friend Amy flew to Key West for a little “girl time” before Captain Jim and I travelled down by car. Amy hadn’t been to Key West in 20 years, so she and Admiral Sandy spent most of her visit seeing the sites of Key West by bicycle.

When they arrived by plane, they missed the sunset, so they made sure they didn’t miss it the second night in Key West. They went to the top of the Crowne Plaza La Concha on Duval where they could get a great bird’s eye view of the Key West and the beautiful sunset.

They also so this guy going down Duval Street on a tricycle decorated with lights. Only in Key West!

Unfortunately, the whole time Amy was in Key West, the view of the sunset from the boat was blocked by a 177 foot yacht called “Noble House”. We were told it is owned by the Noble House publishing company in England and can be rented (including the 12 member crew) for $240,000 per week! We think we will just stick to our modest little 32 foot sailboat that is a little more economical.

When Captain Jim and I arrived in Key West, I was so excited to see my favorite dockmaster, Aunt Terri.

I brought a special present for Aunt Terri because she had been so good to me and gave me lots of treats while we were in Key West over the summer. The note on the card said “I hope you like this present ‘cause I sure do!”

Aunt Terri is so sweet, she shared her present with me!!!

Before taking Amy to the airport, we took her for a great breakfast at Pepe’s restaurant.

Moonrise over the Marina

We saw this beautiful moonrise over marina when the moon was nearly full.

After Noble House left, we caught this amazing sunset from our boat.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas Tree
Admiral Sandy put up a special Christmas tree, just the perfect size for the boat. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of spare room on the boat, so the Christmas tree is taking up a lot of the navigation station table.

Admiral Sandy has assured me that Santa will be able to find me in Key West. We don’t have a chimney on the sailboat, so Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim plan to leave the companionway hatch open so Santa can drop off my presents.

Visitors come by Air or Sea
We have had some interesting visitors while in the marina. The pelican decided to perch on the piling next to our boat and watch us for a while. I am not comfortable around birds that are bigger than me!

We also had a visit from a gorgeous manatee! This manatee was so big and healthy and didn’t have any prop scars on its back.

Key West Holiday Parade

We had a great time attending the Key West Holiday Parade that was held at night on Saturday, Dec. 4th. The parade was fun with lots of holiday-lighted floats, 3 Santas (I am not sure how Santa was able to be on 3 floats), lots of pirates, and people throwing candy to the kids. There were some dogs in the parade and I don’t know why they didn’t throw treats to the dogs watching the parade. I think I am going to have to talk to Santa about fixing that next year!

Pet Photos with Santa
The Key West Bight had a special night where pets could get their photos taken with Santa.
I was surprised to see a rooster getting his photo taken with Santa!  (Click on the photo to enlarge it and see the rooster)

And this huge 18 year old orange cat named Boo Boo had his photo taken with Santa. He hissed a lot at the all the dogs that had come out for their photos.

I didn’t get my photo taken because I was a little scared of Santa!

Bars are Cat-Friendly Too

We found out that the Turtle Kraals Tower Bar is very cat-friendly. Boo Boo slept on the bar because he was tired from all the excitement getting his photo taken with Santa and hissing at all the dogs!

Key West Ghost Tour

We had a frighteningly good time on the Key West Ghost Tour with our friend John who is a tour guide. John did a really good job taking us to all the haunted places and telling us the stories. But, we didn’t see any ghosts. That’s ok, I was afraid of John in his long black outfit and hat… so that was scary enough for me!

Well, that is all for now. But, be sure to look for our next posting in about a week. There are lots more fun things scheduled for the next week, so we can’t wait to share them with you!

Coconut and Crew

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