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Key West Tourist Photos

Location: Key West, FL

Greetings from Key West!

This week, I am going to share with you a compilation of my tourist photos while we have been in Key West. I hope you enjoy them! Be sure to look for me in each of the photos!

Old Town Trolley Tours
The Old Town Trolley Tours take tourists on a 90-minute tour around Key West and show them the sights. Can you find me in the trolley?

Conch Tour Train
The Conch Tour Train has been in operation for more than 50 years and is really popular with the tourists. The trains take tourists on a 90-minute tour of Key West, with the drivers providing history, facts and stories about Key West. They also teach people about the different architectural styles you find in the homes found in Old Town that many people now refer to as “Key West Style” homes.

The Conch Tour Train is so much fun, I thought I would try my hand at driving one. I bet I could get a lot of tips as the only dog Conch Tour Train driver. I would have to let Admiral Sandy do all the talking which she is really good at doing.

Glassbottom Boat
Some tourists take the glassbottom boat tours so they can see the reef and marine life without getting wet. I personally like getting wet myself. I am also glad that we have our own boat so we can go to any of the reefs we want to visit.

Key West Aquarium
This old sail boat is out in front of the Key West Aquarium. Her name is Mary and it made me think of our friend Mary in Jax Beach. But, Mary is not old and run down like this boat!

Look at how big this hammerhead shark is! I don’t want to see one of those when I go snorkeling!

This old man was sitting on the bench outside the aquarium. He didn’t really say anything, so I guess he didn’t mind me sitting on the bench with him.

Mel Fisher Maritime Museum
Mel Fisher found the treasure from the wreck of the Atocha and this museum has on display all the treasure from the Atocha.

Audubon House and Gardens
This is the 1840s home of Capt. John Geiger. The home’s tropical gardens are where John J. Audubon painted.

Captain Tony’s Bar
Captain Tony’s Bar was the original site of Sloppy Joe’s Bar before Sloppy Joe’s moved to its current location on Duval Street. And Hemingway used to hang out there. People try to throw coins in the mouth of the fish on the top of the Capt. Tony’s sign. Admiral Sandy has done it before, but there wasn’t a prize for getting the coin in the fish’s mouth. I guess people just do it to say they did.

(The bartender is Tom)

Captain Tony Tarracino, the owner of the bar, became pretty famous as Mayor of Key West and he was also mentioned in Jimmy Buffet’s song “Last Mango in Paris”. He was also famous with the women because he had many wives (I think he had 13).

After Capt. Tony sold the bar a few years ago, he still came to the bar on Friday and Saturday nights to hang out. He really loved getting his picture taken with the ladies at the bar. Sadly, Captain Tony died on Nov. 1, 2008 at the age of 92. We had seen him at the bar the last time we visited Key West and Admiral Sandy got her picture taken with him.

Sloppy Joe’s Bar
This is a really popular bar in Key West. It is located on Duval Street and there is always lots of music and lots of tourists. They will let me in Sloppy Joe’s as long as I sit at one of the tables near one of the open doors.

Harry S. Truman’s Little White House
Harry S. Truman selected Key West as his favorite retreat and he spent a total of 175 days from 1946 to 1952 at the Key West Naval Station Commandant’s house writing his State of the Union addresses, drafting legislation, fine-tuning the national budget and issuing an Executive Order on Civil Rights. Thus, the name the Little White House. This house was also used by Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter and Clinton.

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park
We really like this park. It has really nice beaches and you can also do some snorkeling there.

Love Muscle House
Many of the houses in Key West are historical and have name plates on the front to identify the name of the house and the year it was built. We saw this one and really had to wonder who would name their kid “Love Muscle”. How would you like to go through life with that name?

Ernest Hemingway’s Home
They wouldn’t let me in here because of all the Hemingway cats. I guess they were afraid I would chase them or something. That explains why they don’t have an admission price for dogs. Oh well.

The Key West Lighthouse and Keeper’s Quarters Museum
Captain Jim says he would love to live in a lighthouse. I have such short legs, I don’t think I would like having to go up and down the stairs every day!

Naval Air Station Truman Annex
This is the gated entrance to the Naval Air Station in Key West. The Navy still has a presence in Key West.

Southernmost Point
By the time we made it here, I was pooped. Lots of people were lined up to get their photos taken at the southernmost point.

Dog Beach
This is the only beach in Key West where dogs can swim and it is next door to Louie’s Backyard. I had a great time swimming there because it really cooled me off.

Louie’s Backyard
This is Louie’s Backyard restaurant and bar that Jimmy Buffett used to visit when he lived in Key West. He had an apartment nearby and it has been said that it usually took him less than 45 seconds to get to Louie’s. Jimmy Buffett even mentions Louie’s Backyard in his song “Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season”.

Plantation Coffee House
We go to the nearby Plantation Coffee House to access the internet so we can check email and post to the blog. I really like this place because the people are really nice and give me ice water when I am there. Admiral Sandy really likes their iced Chai tea.

One day, we found a mango under the mango tree in front of the coffee house and the coffee shop said we could have it. We ate the mango when we got back to the boat and it was the BEST mango we had ever had. That mango was truly a special treat!

The End of A1A
This is mile marker 0 at the end of A1A.

And this is a sign in front of the County Court House at the end of A1A.

Blue Heaven
We love going to the Blue Heaven restaurant in Bahama Village for breakfast. Dining is outside under the trees among the chickens and roosters. I enjoy watching the chickens, but they won’t come anywhere near me. The food here is really yummy and if I am real good, I will usually get a special bite or two.

While I was at Blue Heaven, Capt. Jim and Admiral Sandy caught me snooping in the Blue Heaven shower.

Aunt Terri
Since we have been staying in the Key West Bight City Marina, I have made a great friend. I call her Aunt Terri and she is the Key West Bight City Marina Dockmaster. So, she has a really important job. But most importantly, when I go to visit her, she showers me with treats in exchange for kisses. Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim are threatening to stop feeding me since Aunt Terri gives me so many treats.

Note from Admiral Sandy: If Coconut is ever missing, we know we will find her in the Dockmaster’s office with Terri! And she will probably be 10 pounds heavier!

Sunset at Mallory Square
Mallory Square is a popular place for tourists to go watch the sun set. Mallory Square is a waterfront boardwalk and there are vendors, artists, and all kinds of acts to entertain people before the sun sets: tightrope walker, palm readers, jugglers, sword swallowers, escape artists, and the Catman. I especially like the Catman so maybe I will post some pictures of him later.

We have always wanted to be part of the Mallory Square sunset entertainment and get our boat in some of the tourist’s sunset pictures by sailing in front of Mallory Square. So we set sail for the sunset and had so much fun!

The Morgan Glory sunset crew:
(left to right): Diane, Balk, Joey, and Admiral Sandy. I am hiding behind Joey.

Mallory Square crowd:

Rick and Toni showed up in their dinghy to take photos of us and to be part of the Mallory Square entertainment too!

View of sunset from the boat:

Sunset sail photos of Morgan Glory, thanks to Rick and Toni!

Can you find Rick and Toni in these pictures?

Happy Birthday, Joey!
Our friends Balk and Diane, who live in Key West, invited us to their house to celebrate their son Joey’s 21st birthday. Kat taught Diane and Admiral Sandy how to make stuffed shells for the birthday dinner.

Balk and Diane have cats, so I wasn’t sure what to think about them. Gonzo and one of their kittens really liked drinking out of my water bowl for some reason.

I was a little uncomfortable because I had that strange feeling all the time that someone was staring at me. But, I have to admit, Gonzo was really a cool cat. He was very calm around me and that really helped me to relax.

Well, that concludes another installment of the adventures of Coconut and Crew in Key West. Be sure to check for our next posting with more photos of our adventures in Key West!!!

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