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Life in Paradise...

Location: Key West, FL

Hello everyone! I know it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted, so I have a lot of catching up to do! It’s been a busy and fun-filled two weeks. So, I hope you enjoy my updates! Thanks to Diane for some of the photos!

More Schooner Wharf Friends and Fun
The Schooner Wharf Bar is our favorite bar because it is so dog-friendly. Their slogan is “Hang with the Big Dogs”… and that is exactly what we like to do. Here are some pictures of some of our Schooner Wharf friends.

The girls… Diane, Kat and Admiral Sandy (and Christiaan being one of the girls(?) or a comedian):

Kat and Schooner waitress Katia (Katia used to work at Sea World in California training animals!)

Admiral Sandy and Christiaan:

Schooner barback Turtle (left) and bartender Mike (Mike is married to Marissa who won the Mel Fisher Days bikini contest):

Schooner bartender Missy who always gives me treats! Yummy!

Admiral Sandy dancing with me to Michael McCloud’s song “Schooner Wharf Bar Dog”.

Here is a great YouTube video of our friend Doug dancing with his dog Sassy to “Schooner Wharf Bar Dog”:

Just Another Day in Paradise… It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!
Great Snorkeling...
We went snorkeling at Western Dry Rocks and it was great. We can truly say we have not had a bad snorkeling experience at any of the sites. At Western Dry Rocks, the water was extremely clear and we saw so many things that we hadn’t seen at other snorkeling sites: lots of houndfish, a lemon shark, two turtles, a scrawled cowfish, some trumpetfish and lots of beautiful fish and coral.

Look at how clear the water is!

The Halie & Matthew visited Western Dry Rocks too:

A Waterspout...
When we left Western Dry Rocks, we saw this waterspout! It was amazing and it lasted for almost 10 minutes! We are really glad we weren’t near it!

A Rainbow...
We went to Sand Key for a little more snorkeling and saw this rainbow!

Here is a picture of the Sand Key lighthouse.

And Dolphins!
When we left Sand Key to go back to Key West, this group of dolphins joined us and swam in our bow wake! Balk and Diane were so excited because they had wanted to see dolphins, but we hadn’t seen any. Now we can add dolphins to our list of all the great things we have seen when we were snorkeling!

More Chilling Out
Captain Jim and I found these great chairs at the Turtle Kraal's Tower Bar, a great place to watch the sunset:

The TODAY Show Comes to Key West
The TODAY Show came to Key West on Tuesday, July 28th and we decided to go see if we could get on TV. We don’t think we got on TV, but we had a great time trying as well as seeing all the Key West craziness that was trying to get on TV too. If you didn’t see the show, here are some photos of things that were and weren’t on the TODAY show… enjoy!

The crowds and their signs… many of which got there at 4am to try to get a spot where they could get on TV:

Crowd shot (can you find me?):

Captain Jim trying to get me on TV:

Boats assembling to get on TV. Note the cruise ship that arrived and docked soon after the TODAY Show started.

Pirates! Arghhhhhh! Our friends Larry and Kristie, who dress as pirates and sing with a pirate band, got to be on the TODAY Show!

I got my picture taken with the pirates. Boy were they scary! I hope I don’t see them on the seas because I don’t want to hand over any of my dog treats as pirate booty.

The 2008 Fantasy Fest King and Queen and their crazy court. Fantasy Fest is held every October and we hear that it is crazy. Lots of partying, body painting and drinking. I don’t think there’s anything fun for a dog.

Inga the drag queen. She was BIG! I didn’t want my picture taken with her because I was afraid she would step on me with her big high heels.

Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band played “Living on Key West Time” for the TODAY Show.

Howard Livingston’s famous margarita blender made from a 1950’s outboard motor:

Kermit and his famous Key West Key Lime Pie:

Me and the 2009 Hemingway look-a-like:

Al Roker (coming back from the bathroom!):

Shots of Al Roker and Matt Lauer:

The Key West police officer that had to keep people off the black mat so the local talent and crew could get to the TODAY Show set:

The badge that the local talent wore to give them access to the TODAY Show set. For some reason, they wouldn’t let me on the set!

I had to get up so early and trying to get on TV was such hard work, I pooped out before the TODAY Show was over:

I wish I had a stroller like this so I didn’t have to walk back to the boat:

More Amazing Sunsets…
Fort Zachary Taylor Sunset
Balk and Diane took us to Fort Zachary Taylor to watch the sunset. Diane fixed a wonderful dinner picnic, I got to swim in the ocean and the sunset was spectacular.

A cruise ship departed and passed Ft. Zachary while we were picnicing:
Watching the sun set from the beach Diane, Jim, me, Admiral Sandy and Kat:
Balk and Diane:
Sunset from Fort Zachary Taylor:
Birthday Sunset ... Happy Birthday Balk and Diane!
July 28th was Balk and Diane’s birthday! Yes, they are married to each other and have the same birthday! So, we took Balk and Diane for a birthday sunset sail and the sunset was beautiful.

Good-bye Balk and Diane!
Balk and Diane are moving back to Chicago for a little while, but they plan to come back to Key West as soon as they can. They both love living in Key West, so we know they will move back real soon!

Captain Jim and Admiral Sandy helped them pack their moving van. Here is a photo of the “muscle men” Balk and Captain Jim in the packed van.

The day before they moved, we took Balk and Diane for one last snorkeling trip. I am going to miss them because Balk is such a great snoozing buddy!

One last good-bye to their friends at the Schooner Wharf Bar. Everyone will miss Balk and Diane!
Their favorite band in the background: Michael McCloud with Pete Peterson and Captain Carl:
Balk and Diane with Schooner waitress Jennette and the crew of Morgan Glory:
We are going to miss Balk and Diane! We have shared some wonderful times together!

Happy 20th Anniversary Admiral Sandy & Captain Jim!
Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim celebrated their 20th anniversary on Saturday August 1st. Earlier in the day, they went to the Schooner Wharf Bar where their friends Ron, Sharon, Mary and Mike had a card and gift certificates waiting for them.

Of course, I got a treat from Missy to celebrate their anniversary! Look at Dave (next to me) begging for treats too!

That evening, Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim celebrated their anniversary with a beautiful sunset sail.

What a perfect 20th anniversary sunset:

The anniversary couple:

And what a beautiful moon rise over Sunset Key:
Our Key West adventures will soon be ending so we look forward to more memorable fun before we go! Be sure to look for our last post from Key West!

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