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Our Last Week in Key West

Location: Key West, FL

Hello everyone! We are preparing to leave Key West tomorrow. So, before we leave, I wanted to share with you photos from our last week in Key West.

More Schooner Wharf Bar Dogs and Friends
As you might guess, we spend a lot of time at the Schooner Wharf Bar because it is so dog-friendly. I have made a lot of dog friends, but I like the bartenders and staff that feed me treats when I am there! Here are more photos of the Schooner Wharf Bar Dogs and and our friends at the bar.

Here are pictures of my friend Randy doing his special tricks.
Randy’s impression of a Sharpei:

Randy’s impression of an orangutan:

Randy dancing with his mom Kathy. I really like Kathy because she gives me and all the other bar dogs yummy treats!

Romeo is a sweet Chihuahua that was adopted by his mom from the Florida Keys SPCA. He is such a lucky boy to have a wonderful home and get to come to the Schooner Wharf Bar a lot. All the bartenders love him and give him treats. Romeo is so small, he drinks his water from a shot glass. See if you can find the shot glass in the pictures.

Romeo at the bar:

Romeo at the bar with his mom:

Boca and Sassy:
Boca (left) is a red husky and Sassy (right) is a black husky. They both come to the Schooner Wharf Bar with their owner Doug. And Sassy always dances with Doug to Michael McCloud’s song “Schooner Wharf Bar dog”.

Lucy is a big girl that has tried really hard to convince me to like her. I am still a little afraid of her because she is so big. But I thank her for being so nice to me. Hopefully, someday we can be good friends.

Buca is a 10-year old Akita and he is a very handsome guy. He was named for Sambuca the liquor.

Casper is a 10 month old white boxer who is deaf. His mom Marianne and her sister Linda are teaching him hand signals so they can communicate with him. Marianne is one of my favorite people at Schooner Wharf because she works in the kitchen and she always gives me yummy treats through the doggie drive-thru window. If Marianne is anywhere near, I can see her, smell her or hear her… and I won’t stop begging until she gives me a treat.

Angus is a bartender at Schooner Wharf and he always gives me treats when he sees me. A good day is when Angus is there and he gives me treats. A great day is when Angus, Missy and Marianne are all working! Jackpot! I get lots of treats!

Vikky is a bartender at Schooner Wharf who has become a special friend to Admiral Sandy. Admiral Sandy is going to miss Vikky when we leave.

And of course, the Schooner Wharf Dog pictures wouldn’t be complete without some pictures of me!

More Great Snorkeling
Chef Kat’s daughter Cassie has moved back to Key West. So, we took Kat, Cassie and Chris (Cassie’s boyfriend from Tuscon) snorkeling at Cottrell Key. Here is a picture of Kat, Cassie and Chris on the boat.

Before leaving, we decided to take one more snorkeling trip to Eastern Dry Rocks because we had heard that the water is extremely clear right now. Here are some photos of how beautiful the water is. Now this is what paradise looks like!

Battle of the Bars
Every year, the Schooner Wharf Bar hosts the “Battle of the Bars” competition to raise money for charities. This year was the 16th year for the event and the event raised $26,060 for two local charities: Florida Keys SPCA and Easter Seals. I thought it was fitting that the Schooner Wharf Bar that is so dog-friendly raise money for the unfortunate dogs that end up at the SPCA. Hopefully, more dogs like Romeo will find their forever home thanks to the SPCA and the money raised by the Battle of the Bars.

The Battle of the Bars had 39 teams competing for the winner’s bragging rights. The teams had to run a bar obstacle course where they had to make a drink, serve the drink, properly dispose of the recycle material and trash, roll a keg, tap a keg, draw beers for the entire team and then each team member had to line up and chug the beer.

This year’s winner for the fourth time was the Half Shell Raw Bar. Here is a picture of the Half Shell team chugging their beer and then celebrating.

Here is a photo of Evalena, the owner of the Schooner Wharf Bar, who is responsible for the great event and who has such a great bar!

For results of this year’s battle of the bars, check out this link:

At the marina, I made a new friend named Theodore. He is so cute and he is the same size as me!

In this picture, we are both trying to find the cat that hangs out at the marina that hisses at us.

Jolly II Rover Sunset
We got a chance to go out for a sunset trip on the Jolly II Rover and it was a great trip. We thought it would be nice to let someone else do all the work while we sat back and enjoyed the sunset. But, Admiral Sandy and Captain Jim couldn’t resist lending a hand.

Captain Jim helped Mack hoist the sails:

And Admiral Sandy got to drive the boat (with my assistance of course):

Admiral Sandy, Captain Jim and me enjoying the ride:

The Jolly II Rover overtook the Schooner Wolf and soon a cannon fight ensued. The Jolly II Rover fired two shots and the Schooner Wolf fired one at us. I didn’t like the cannons at all because they are so loud. I don’t guess I would make a good pirate dog. That’s ok, I would rather be First Mate for our sailboat with no cannons anyway!

We also exchanged cannon fire with the Halie & Matthew. Isn’t this a beautiful boat under sail?

Jolly II Rover sunset photos:

The Jolly II Rover crew (l to r): Captain Chris, Mate Elio and Mate Mack.

One morning after a refreshing rain, this beautiful rainbow showed up over the harbor.

Sunset and Full Moon Rise
On August 5th, there was a beautiful sunset followed by a full moon rise.

Sunset colors:

Full moon over Morgan Glory:

Keeping Cool
Captain Jim likes to eat ice cream at night as a special cool treat as the sun goes down. Without refrigeration, the challenge is keeping the ice cream cold until the sun goes down. Captain Jim has worked out a routine where he buys the ice cream before the Market closes at 6pm. He wraps the ice cream in newspaper and puts it in the ice box until the sun goes down.
Captain Jim also lets me lick clean the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream container. Yummy! Thankfully, my nose and tongue are long enough to get to the bottom!

Double Decker
Our neighbor at the marina has been Captain Bob and his boat Double Decker. Captain Bob does special sunset sailing trips and sunset dinner trips on Double Decker. He and Double Decker have provided very memorable moments for proposals and weddings.

We have really enjoyed getting to know Captain Bob and his wife Fran. They have told us many great stories about their adventures on Double Decker. Captain Bob and Fran are very adventurous people who quit their jobs and cruised the Caribbean, South and Central America for three years. You can see their stories at Captain Bob’s web site:

Fran is a great artist and you can see her art at:

Happy Birthday Aunt Terri!
Aunt Terri is the dockmaster at the Key West Bight Marina and she is celebrating her 50th birthday on August 10th. Happy birthday to you Aunt Terri!

Aunt Terri has a plastic jar on her desk with treats in it and I have helped her empty the jar!

If I stare at it long enough, can I make the rest of the treats come out?

Sometimes I just like to hang out with her while she works.

I am going to miss you when we leave because you give me lots of love and treats. I love giving you kisses. You are the best!

Only in Key West…
Only in Key West will you find this sign:

You gotta love it!

Goodbye Key West!
We have had a wonderful time while we have been in Key West and we will miss all the great friends we have made. But, we certainly hope to get back to Key West soon! We also look forward to more fun adventures on our return trip home. We are hoping that the storms stay away until we can get home safe and sound. And we look forward to seeing our friends and family when we return home.

Coconut and Crew

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